From: Andres Morales N (andresmoralesn2_at_hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Oct 01 2009 - 07:59:27 CDT

Dear NAMD users:

I have used NMAD for windows so I am new using NAMD for Linux. I need to run 100 simulations in NAMD, I have .conf files for that. I know that I should write in the console: ./namd2 file.conf > file.log, for each file, so I do not know how to run all of them with somo loop. When I worked in Windows, I wrote : FOR %i IN(*.conf) DO namd2 %i > %i.log.

Do you have any ideas to do this in Linux? (Files are named like: File_1.conf, file_2.conf....., file_100.conf)

Thank for your suggestion.


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