Re: surface tension

From: Marcos Sotomayor (
Date: Thu May 31 2007 - 01:10:51 CDT

Hi Giovanni,

You may want to look at:

Gating of MscL studied by steered molecular dynamics. Justin
Gullingsrud and Klaus Schulten. Biophysical Journal, 85:2087-2099, 2003.

Structural determinants of MscL gating studied by molecular dynamics
simulations. Justin Gullingsrud, Dorina Kosztin, and Klaus Schulten.
Biophysical Journal, 80:2074-2081, 2001.

and references therein (Chiu et al., 1995; Feller and Pastor, 1999). The
NAMD source code may help too.

Hope it helps,

On Wed, 30 May 2007, Giovanni Bellesia wrote:

> Hi there,
> anyone able to give me some directions on how the "surfaceTensionTarget"
> parameter
> is implemented in NAMD ?
> Is there any reference/paper I should take a look at ?
> There was a post on this mailing list a couple of years ago but I haven't
> seen any reply to it.
> Thanks
> Giovanni

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