Re: Laptop for Molecular Dynamics

From: Peter Freddolino (
Date: Fri May 25 2007 - 17:56:58 CDT

> I don't know much about the intel 95x and 96x graphics devices under
> xorg, all I can tell you is that it took until xorg v7.0RC (currently
> at v7.2) and Mesa v6.5 (currently at v6.5.3) for the intel 855 device
> in my laptop to have equivalent opengl performance under linux as when
> I would boot to windows. See also .
We call it an Intel graphics decelerator for a reason ;-)
I highly recommend an nvidia card if you'll be using linux. This is
unfortunate because ATI tends to have better laptop offerings, but can't
be helped.

> HTH,
> Sabuj Pattanayek
> Deepangi Pandit wrote:
>> Hi Sabuj:
>> Could you please let me know more about problems with ATI graphics. I
>> was planning to buy Lenono Thinkpad T60p which has System graphics as
>> ATI Mobility Fire GL V5250 256MB but now after your post I am not
>> sure. As I mentioned earlier I plan to use Windows and Linux on the

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