Re: how to convert dcd files from namd to charmm

From: Alessandro Cembran (
Date: Thu Mar 15 2007 - 08:08:25 CDT

Also, since NAMD writes the cell information in the trajectory file, you
want to make sure that in the CHARMM file you set up the images before
reading the trajectory.

Alessandro wrote:
> Hello,
> I have done a simulation of a protein with NAMD, using the Charmm
> force field, and now I would like to perform an analysis with CHARMM.
> I have problems of compatibility of the trajectory files obtained
> with NAMD and CHARMM. Does anyboy knows how to convert a dcd
> trajectory file from NAMD to the correct one used by Charmm?
> Thanks a lot!
> Rebeca García
> Post-doctoral student
> Barcelona
> Spain

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