Re: Simulation on AMD64 Dual Core - threads lose connection

From: Sławek Orłowski (
Date: Tue May 16 2006 - 01:04:39 CDT

Cesar Avila wrote:

>>I am using the AMD64 athlon dual-core (1GB LAN) cluster for my MD
>>simulations, so I have 2 threads per node. Sometimes my simulation stops
>>and only one thread on master node is running (all others not) and the
>>output files aren't change. Does everyone has this same error? On our
>>cluster we haven't got any PBS or SGI. I run my MD using screen.
>>Slawek Orlowski
>last week we have bought a new cluster with AMD64 athlon dual-core (1GB
>LAN). I am trying to install Rocks ( on it. Right
>now I am facing some problems regarding to hardware support. Sata disks
>controlers and network card are not supported in the current version so I
>am trying to recompile the kernel and build a new roll. We have MSI K8NGM2
>mainboards with Nvidia 430 Chipset. As soon as I get Rocks installed I
>will start NAMD simulations on it. Perhaps then we could share our
>On which mainboard do you have your CPUs installed? Did you have any
>trouble with hardware support with your linux distribution? Which
>distribution are you using?
I have Fedora 4.0. I think my problem is connected with new version of
the NAMD - 2.6b1. When I used old version 2.5 with this same initial
conditions my MD simulation run well.

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