Re: build script in charm++-5.9 does not find mpicc or mpicxx for mpi-linux version

From: Gengbin Zheng (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2006 - 00:02:33 CST

Hi Sabuj,

Sabuj Pattanayek wrote:

> Why is it looking for "mpiCC" as the MPI C++ compiler? Shouldn't it
> have found mpicxx instead? For example if I build net-linux it
> properly finds g++ as the C++ compiler and begins to compile. Can I
> set some environment variables (e.g. MPICH_CXX or MPICH_CC) so that
> the compilers are properly found?
Which distribution of mpi is this?
As Brian has auggested, please modify
charm/src/arch/mpi-linux/ to use the right compiler.
In the coming new release, we will probably add the feature to allow a
user to define certain set of common environment variables for compilers.

> Another question is what is the difference between building charm++
> mpi-linux and building AMPI net-linux or AMPI mpi-linux?
For compiling NAMD, you do not need AMPI library which itself is an
implementation of MPI on top of Charm++. NAMD is written in Charm++
instead of MPI, so AMPI library is not needed.
The difference between mpi-linux and net-linux is the underlying
communication layer that charm++ is built on. For mpi-linux, Charm++ is
built on top of MPI, while net-linux is built on top of UDP sockets for
communication which you want to avoid if you have better high speed
interconnect to use.


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