Re: Charm++ nodelist commands

From: Gengbin Zheng (
Date: Thu Dec 18 2003 - 13:04:28 CST


The Charm++ installation manual is out-dated.
As a matter of fact, support of both ++home and ++ext nodelist options are
somehow completely dropped out long time ago in charmrun and not even
ported to charmd daemon for Windows from the beginning. Nobody seems to
care about this feature so far, and we are lazy as graduate students. :-)

I have picked up these fatures again and reimplemented them, you should be
able to use them once you install the latest charm++ from our cvs server.

The ++home was actually substituted by ++pathfix, see the example
also with ++ext below.

group main ++ext .exe ++pathfix /home/net /home1
host host1
host host2 ++ext .out
host host3 ++pathfix /home/net /home3

++pathfix takes two extra parameters dir1 and dir2, it will look for the
dir1 and substitute it with dir2 (instead of appending or prefixing)
The options specified in the "group" line works for all hosts unless it
is overrided by the same options in the "host" line for example on host2
the binary extension is changed to .out.
Running charmrun with ++verbose, you can see the detailed output.

(Eric, could you please update the charm installation manual?)


On Thu, 18 Dec 2003, Gadi Oron wrote:

> Dear everyone,
> In the Charm++ documentations
> there is mention of the following commands that can pe specified in the
> nodelist file:
> home <dir> - subsequent hosts should find programs under dir
> ext <extn> - subsequent hosts should append extn to the pgm name
> etc..
> I have tried to use those but it seems the charmd daemon seems to ignore
> them.
> Any idea why?
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