ComputeMap::ComputeData Struct Reference

#include <ComputeMap.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ComputeData ()

Public Attributes

int node
int moveToNode
ComputeType type
char partition
char numPartitions
char newNumPartitions
char numPids
PatchRec pids [numPidsAllocated]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 186 of file ComputeMap.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ComputeMap::ComputeData::ComputeData (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 188 of file ComputeMap.h.

References moveToNode, newNumPartitions, node, and numPids.

00188                   { 
00189       node = -1; moveToNode = -1; 
00190       newNumPartitions = 0;
00191       numPids = 0;
00192       #if defined(NAMD_MIC)
00193         directToDevice = 0;
00194       #endif
00195     }

Member Data Documentation

int ComputeMap::ComputeData::moveToNode

Definition at line 197 of file ComputeMap.h.

Referenced by ComputeData().

char ComputeMap::ComputeData::newNumPartitions

Definition at line 201 of file ComputeMap.h.

Referenced by ComputeData().

int ComputeMap::ComputeData::node

Definition at line 196 of file ComputeMap.h.

Referenced by ComputeData().

char ComputeMap::ComputeData::numPartitions

Definition at line 200 of file ComputeMap.h.

char ComputeMap::ComputeData::numPids

Definition at line 202 of file ComputeMap.h.

Referenced by ComputeData().

char ComputeMap::ComputeData::partition

Definition at line 199 of file ComputeMap.h.

PatchRec ComputeMap::ComputeData::pids[numPidsAllocated]

Definition at line 203 of file ComputeMap.h.

ComputeType ComputeMap::ComputeData::type

Definition at line 198 of file ComputeMap.h.

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