Till Rudack received a diploma degree in physics (2007) and a doctoral degree (2013) from the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. During his diploma thesis under the supervision of PD Dr. Jürgen Schlitter he developed new force field parameters for GTP. Fascinated by the possibilities of interdisciplinary research to investigate biological mechanisms he decided to accomplish his doctoral thesis at the Department of Biophysics of the Ruhr University Bochum under supervision of Prof. Dr. Klaus Gerwert. There he worked at the interface between theory and experiment, developing methods to combine results from biomolecular simulations with results from time-resolved FTIR spectroscopic measurements. By these methods he was able to investigate the small GTPase Ras from the atomic to the molecular level by various simulation techniques. Ras is involved in about 20% of all known cancer cases. By the calculation of theoretical IR spectra with the help of QM/MM simulations he gained experimentally validated dynamic structural computer models of different states of Ras during the signaling cascade of cell growth. The atomic resolution far beyond the resolution of X-ray structure analysis made it possible to decode the essential parts of the catalysis mechanism of GTP hydrolysis by Ras. Till joined the TCBG in 2014 in order to investigate the mechanism of large molecular machines. Here, he has the opportunity to look at all scales from the atomic to the molecular level with different theoretical methods in collaboration with experimentalists. This is essential for a deep understanding of the vital processes in the cell.
Till Rudack


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