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Water Sphere tcl Script

### Script to immerse ubiquitin in a sphere of water just large enough 
### to cover it

set molname ubq

mol new ${molname}.psf
mol addfile ${molname}.pdb

### Determine the center of mass of the molecule and store the coordinates
set cen [measure center [atomselect top all] weight mass]
set x1 [lindex $cen 0]
set y1 [lindex $cen 1]
set z1 [lindex $cen 2]
set max 0

### Determine the distance of the farthest atom from the center of mass
foreach atom [[atomselect top all] get index] {
  set pos [lindex [[atomselect top "index $atom"] get {x y z}] 0]
  set x2 [lindex $pos 0]
  set y2 [lindex $pos 1]
  set z2 [lindex $pos 2]
  set dist [expr pow(($x2-$x1)*($x2-$x1) + ($y2-$y1)*($y2-$y1) +
  if {$dist > $max} {set max $dist}

mol delete top

### Solvate the molecule in a water box with enough padding (15 A).
### One could alternatively align the molecule such that the vector 
### from the center of mass to the farthest atom is aligned with an axis,
### and then use no padding
package require solvate
solvate ${molname}.psf ${molname}.pdb -t 15 -o del_water

package require psfgen
mol new del_water.psf
mol addfile del_water.pdb
readpsf del_water.psf
coordpdb del_water.pdb

### Determine which water molecules need to be deleted and use a for loop
### to delete them
set wat [atomselect top "same residue as {water and ((x-$x1)*(x-$x1) + 
  (y-$y1)*(y-$y1) + (z-$z1)*(z-$z1))<($max*$max)}"]
set del [atomselect top "water and not same residue as {water and 
  ((x-$x1)*(x-$x1) + (y-$y1)*(y-$y1) + (z-$z1)*(z-$z1))<($max*$max)}"]
set seg [$del get segid]
set res [$del get resid]
set name [$del get name]
for {set i 0} {$i < [llength $seg]} {incr i} {
  delatom [lindex $seg $i] [lindex $res $i] [lindex $name $i] 
writepsf ${molname}_ws.psf
writepdb ${molname}_ws.pdb

mol delete top

mol new ${molname}_ws.psf
mol addfile ${molname}_ws.pdb
puts "CENTER OF MASS OF SPHERE IS: [measure center [atomselect top all] weight mass]"
puts "RADIUS OF SPHERE IS: $max"
mol delete top