Week 1: Water transport in cells and stochastic modeling
Week 2: Photosynthesis 1; harversting sun light and bioelectronics.
Week 3: Photosynthesis 2; energy conversion and electron conduction in soft matter
Week 4: Photosynthesis 3; Molecular motor, ATP hydrolysis, and Brownian ratchets
Week 5: Muscle elasticity, atomic force microscopy, and single molecule statistics
Week 6: Regulation of the genome and DNA mechanics
Week 7: Chemotaxis 1; receptor organisation and non-linear kinetics
Week 8: Chemotaxis 2; signaling pathways and reaction network stability
Week 9: Chemotaxix 3; swim response, cilial organisation, and micro-hydrodynamics
Week 10: Vision 1; receptors, ultrafast (fs) chemistry, and level crossing theory
Week 11: Vision 2; channels, neural pulses, and non linaer dynamics
Week 12: Vision 3; images in the brain and mathematics of maps
Week 13: Slime mold amoebae and theory of pattern formation
Week 14: Bird navigation and spin chemistry