Computer Locations

    To access these computers, you must have an Engineering Workstation (EWS)
account. If you are a student of the Engineering School, you should have
already an account. Go to the lab sitter and ask for your password.

    To run Mathematica on the EWs, type "Mathematica" (graphical
version) or "math" (text version) or press the left mouse button with pointer
on the background and then press "mathematica" under choice "math".

    You can also run Mathematica remotely. To do this, first type "xhost +",
then telnet to any of the computers in the above labs, then type "setenv
DISPLAY machine_name:0.0" on remote machine's shell, where machine_name is
the name of the machine you are currently using (not the remote one. The
names of the workstations in Novanet room are january.physics, june.physics,
july.physics etc), now you can run Mathematica by typing "Mathematica".

    The schedule of these labs is available here.