VND Quick Start Instructions

Once VND is installed, you can load the prototype demonstration data:
1) Point your browser to:
2) Save V1_files.tar.gz to your preferred directory, 
   for example /home/your_name/your_preferred_dir/

3) cd /home/your_name/your_preferred_dir/

4) tar -xvzf V1_files.tar.gz

5) Launch VND:

6) In the "VMD for Neuroscience" window, select File:Open File

7) In the "Choose model directory dialog box:
   Navigate to /home/your_name/your_preferred_dir/, 
   double click on "V1_files", so that 
   is displayed as Directory:

8) Click OK.

9) The V1 model should load.

README for VND; last modified June 21, 2021 by John E. Stone