VND Quick Installation Instructions
Detailed instructions for compiling VND from source code
can be found in the programmer's guide.

The Windows version of VND is distributed as a self-extracting 
archive, and should be entirely self explanatory.  

The native MacOS X version of VND is packaged as a disk image and is
extracted by opening the disk image, and dragging the "VND" application
contained inside into an appropriate directory.

For quick installation of the binary distribution for Unix do the following:
  1) Uncompress and untar the distribution into a working directory,
     being sure to do this and subsequent steps as a non-root user.  
     In this working directory, there are several subdirectories such 
     as bin, src, doc, data, as well as this README and a configure script.  
     Change to this working directory after the unpacking is complete.

  2) Edit the file 'configure'; change the values for
     the $install_library_dir and $install_bin_dir to a directory in 
     which vnd data files and executables should be installed, be sure
     that you installing into a clean target directory and not overwriting
     an existing version of VND (which would otherwise give problems):

     $install_bin_dir is the location of the startup script 'vnd'.  
     It should be located in the path of users interested in running VND.

     $install_library_dir is the location of all other VND files.  
     This included the binary and helper scripts.  It should not be 
     in the path.

  3) A Makefile must be generated based on these configuration variables
     by running "./configure". 

  4) After configuration is complete, cd to the src directory,
     become root or use sudo if necessary, e.g., for installation 
     of VND into /usr/local or other permission-protected system directories,
     and type "make install".  This will install VND in the two
     directories listed above.  Note that running "make install" 
     twice will print error messages because you are attempting to 
     overwrite some read-only files.  Similarly, if you have incorrectly
     specified the target installation directories or attempt to overwrite
     an existing VMD installation, you will get error messages.

  5) When installed, type 'vnd' to start (make sure the
     $install_bin_dir directory is in your path).

README for VND; last modified June 21, 2021 by John E. Stone