Trajectory Movie Maker 1.0

REQUIREMENTS: VMD Version 1.0 or greater

	Type 'make_trajectory_movie_files' to generate a sequence of RGB 
	snapshots of the VMD Display.  One snapshot will be made for
	each frame of the animation for your molecule.  For more
	information on customizing this procedure, see the details
	regarding take_picture, which are discussed here.
	For instance, by altering parameters in the call to take_picture,
	you might choose to save just every fifth frame of the animation.
	Or, you could specify a rendering option other than snapshot. 
	A large range of possibilities exist.

	You can use the SGI program 'mediaconvert' to make an MPEG or
	a Quicktime movie of the RGB images that you generate.

	make_trajectory_movie_files - generates by default one RGB image
	   per animation frame, using the renderer 'snapshot.'  To change
	   these default operations, change parameters in the call to 
	   take_picture in the body of the procedure
	take_picture - a general, multi-purpose routine for taking
	   VMD screen shots


	Andrew Dalke (