Rotation Movie Maker 1.0

REQUIREMENTS: VMD Version 1.0.  To make use of the output of this script,
	      you will also need the SGI program 'mediaconvert' or 
	      something equivalent.

	Type 'make_rotation_movie_files' to generate a sequence of 18 RGB 
	snapshots of the VMD Display.  Each snapshot will be taken after a
	rotation of your molecule by 20 degrees about the y axis. You can then 
	use the SGI program 'mediaconvert' to make an MPEG or Quicktime movie of
	these images.  No arguments need to be given to the procedure.  To
	alter the number of files to be outputted or the rotation axis, 
	you can change some obvious parameters in the body of the procedure.
	This script is very similar to the one for making an animated
	gif of a rotating molecule.  In this script; however, no action
	is taken after generating the RGB files.  You will have to make
	a movie of them yourself using some other program (i.e. mediaconvert).  
	Details of this procedure can be found in the VMD User's Guide.

	make_rotation_movie_files - rotates about the y-axis, taking
	snapshots at 20 degree intervals


	Andrew Dalke (