dials 1.0

REQUIREMENTS: VMD Version 1.1 or greater, use in orthographic mode

	This code is useful to those who do micromanipulation 
	experiments.  These simulations involve pulling parts
	of molecules in order to reveal structural or binding
	properties of the system.  Typically the output of this
	work is an animation showing the conformational changes
	resulting from pulling on certain segments.  Often it
	is useful to know the times at which events occur and
	the strength with which the segments are pulled.  The
	dial-makers included here do just that.  As the animation
	progresses, the 'clock' ticks away and the force gauge
	updates according to how strongly the segment was pulled.
	The author of this script generalized most of this
	code, but you will undoubtedly have to put on some Tcl
	gloves and modify the code a bit in order to customize
	the graphics to your simulation.  This script is included
	in the library as more of a template than a cut-and-paste
	item.  Source it and type 'disp_time' for a look at the dials.
	See the text of the script itself for more detailed information.

	disp_time - creates a 140 ps display
	disp_time3 - creates a 30ps display
	disp_force - creates a 3000pN display

	Sample showing a force dial and time dial.


	Willy Wriggers (wriggers@ks.uiuc.edu)