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Date: Wed Dec 11 2019 - 11:37:58 CST

Dear Mohammad,


Did you read the box with a skull on page 4 saying: “This tutorial contains advanced material. Do not attempt to tackle the problems therein if you have no preliminary experience with free-energy calculations. The neophyte reader eager to get acquainted with the computation of protein:ligand standard binding affinities is advised to complete first the introductory tutorials on alchemical, free-energy perturbation calculations and adaptive-biasing-force calculations.”


If you are not comfortable with NAMD simulations, how to prepare the structure, the configuration files, and supporting files, please take a look at the NAMD tutorial: If you are familiar, there are other tutorials that you should go through- to be adequately trained in this type of methodology. Bear in mind that free-energy simulations are not as simple as many try to paint it.


Also, we have the lectures of our workshops stored on our youtube channel that you can watch -


I hope this can help you.






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Hello everyone,


I am sorry if this email bother you but seriously I found it very annoying tutorial and useless which led me to nothing. Either I am looking at wrong thing or I am doing something wrong. I just want to get to the right path. I am reading this tutorial


I have a protein and a ligand and I have done docking already. now I want to make a better estimate of the binding, so I am thinking to do MD with NAMD--B_3658909078_2060406968--

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