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Date: Mon Sep 16 2019 - 13:22:25 CDT

It still works, but the setup is totally different. For mutation, you need a system that has both the original residue and the new residue in the structure. Once you get to that stage, its *relatively* straightforward, since then the usual pdb tagging tricks will still work, but the NAMD tutorial and the special patches all assume a CHARMM-style psf, and I'm not familiar enough with Amber to know if there is an equivalent.


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What do you mean? The methodology have to be force field independent. Why would alchemical FEP not work if you use another force field?

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Dear Sir
I have followed the tutorial "A Tutorial on Alchemical Free Energy Perturbation Calculations in NAMD" section 3 :Mutation of tyrosine into alanine"
I have trying to calculate free energy perturbation for mutating protein.
My main problem is i am using amber topology.
Is there any alternative for this methodology to be used in amber format?
Best Regards

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