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> Its because the distance of the water molecules when you make the box with
> this plug-ins is bigger than Its minimum energy when you think about
> Lennard Jones potential and the polarization of the molecules.
> A good equilibration is when you "relax" the solvent until it reaches this
> minimum, then it shrinks.

equilibration is not looking for the (potential) energy minimum, but for a
_balance_ (hence the name) between potential energy and kinetic energy.
energy minimization is looking for the potential energy minimum, but that
will take you away from equilibrium. you often do a minimization anyway,
since you may have locally high potential energy, so the minimization will
remove those spots and thus make it easier to have a stable running MD.
most tools to solvate molecules use pre-equilibrated solvent boxes, so
those molecules are in equilibrium with each other already. however, if you
cut the box to fit a specific length or cut a hole for the solute, or both,
you leave extra space to avoid overlapping atoms (and thus a crashing
simulation because of that).

now, if you start from a box of a grid solvent molecules at random
orientation, you typically will have a lower density as in equilibrium, but
- again - the main motivation for that is to avoid overlapping atoms.


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>> *Why Volume of a simulation box ( created either by packmol or NAMD
>> plugin-ADD solvation box ) shrinks during Equilibration.*

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