Error in the NAMD Tutorial

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Error in the NAMD TUTORIAL: Unix/MacOSX Version

2.2 Non-equilibrium

Heat diffusion

In the series solution of the heat diffusion equation

"The average temperature of such a system depends on time as ...":

the last "n" is in the numerator (page 56).

But in page 58, the formula

y = 200 + 66.87*(exp(-0.0146*a0*x) +0.25*exp(-0.25*0.0146*a0*x)
+1/9*exp(-1/9*0.0146*a0*x) +1/16*exp(-1/16*0.0146*a0*x)
+1/25*exp(-1/25*0.0146*a0*x) +1/36*exp(-1/36*0.0146*a0*x)
+1/49*exp(-1/49*0.0146*a0*x) +1/64*exp(-1/64*0.0146*a0*x)
+1/81*exp(-1/81*0.0146*a0*x) +1/100*exp(-1/100*0.0146*a0*x))

has been written so that "n" is in the denominator.

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