Water Molecule Issue

From: McGuire, Kelly (mcg05004_at_byui.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 24 2019 - 10:03:23 CDT

I have a new QMMM system I am trying out. I have 4 imidazoles 6 angstroms away from a copper atom. They solvated in 40x40x40 water box. There are about 56 water molecules between the copper atom and the 4 imidazoles. I am including those waters, the 4 imidazoles, and the copper atom in my QM region. When I run my QMMM minimization step, the water molecules are acting strangely. For the first 50 steps, the appear to minimize correctly. But then every two steps afterward, i.e. step 51, 53, 55, etc....some of the QM water molecules (about 20 or so) jump or appear about 10-15 angstroms away from where they were. But in the other steps, i.e. 52, 54, 56, etc...they are back in there original positions. Why would the water molecules be moving so far in some of the minimization steps?

Kelly L. McGuire

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Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology

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