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From: McGuire, Kelly (
Date: Fri Apr 05 2019 - 19:36:08 CDT

I have been using my trial version of TeraChem for benchmarking my QMMM simulations. I will have a benchmark report soon. I can already say that TeraChem with GPUs is significantly faster than ORCA for QMMM.

My question has to do with merging TeraChem orbital files just like with ORCA. I have this script that concatenates the .TmpOut files for ORCA and then I can open the orbitals for each frame of my QMMM trajectory. I can't get it to work with TeraChem's orbital files which have the .molden extension. Here is the code before I tried modification for TeraChem:

### File to merge the outputs of QM packages.
### Generated by QwikMD version 1.2.


i="$IFS";IFS='/';set -f;p=($4);set +f;IFS="$i"
if [ ! -f ${1}.${QMREGION}.out ] && ((${5} != "0")) ; then
echo "" > ${1}.${QMREGION}.out
elif [ ! -f ${1}.${QMREGION}.out ] && ((${5} == "0" && ${3} != "-1")) ; then
cat ${4}.TmpOut > ${3}.${QMREGION}.out
if ((${5} % ${2} == 0 && ${5} != "0")); then
cat ${4}.TmpOut >> ${1}.${QMREGION}.out

In the qmmm_exec/QMMM/0/ directory that is created, TeraChem creates an additional directory:


The .molden file is stored there, it is called qmmm.molden. In the script above, what should I change to merge these files together so VMD can read them in just like it does for ORCA?

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