NAMD/VMD installation for Windows 10

From: Joey Gehring (
Date: Mon Nov 19 2018 - 10:27:22 CST


I am a former physics student that recently graduated that used NAMD
and VMD on a windows 7 machine in college. I am now an owner of a
windows 10 machine utilizing windows subsystem for linux. I absolutely
love the bash command line. I am eager to successfully install NAMD
and VMD, however I am running into issues. I am easily able to install
VMD with no problems at all, however, I cannot seem to successfully
run it from a simple namd2 or vmd command. I think that this has
something to do with setting the environment variables correctly.

In short, I would very much appreciate a beginners guide for getting
NAMD/VMD up and running and successfully installed on my machine.

>From what I know, I simply need to untar or unzip the compressed NAMD
folder into my C:// drive and then use the vmd wizard to successfully
install vmd. I thought this was it. What am I missing?



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