PBC error. Amber force field in NAMD

From: M RCC (mkr3j2c1_at_gmail.com)
Date: Tue Sep 25 2018 - 06:35:53 CDT

 Dear NAMD users,
I want to use amber force field in NAMD. I have prepared the topology
(.prmtop) and coordinate (.inpcrd) files in tleap. I want to use this
topology in NAMD. HOW I can set Periodic cell vectors in .namd
configuration file.

while setting COM of protein as cell origin the box breaks in minimization.

Mine is a rectangular box with protein on one corner(for SMD constant
velocity pulling).
I want to set the following values in namd configuration file.

cellBasisVector1 *x1 y1 z1*,
cellBasisVector1 *x2 y2 z2*,
cellBasisVector1 *x3 y3 z3*
cellOrigin x y z

And the information I have
from .prmtop file

  9.00000000E+01 8.85883700E+01 8.84811760E+01 2.08344945E+02*

 and from leap.log file

   enclosing: -45.96 -33.88 -96.75 43.62 36.38 -25.03
   sized: 82.04 94.12 31.25
   edge: 128.00
Resolution: 1.00 Angstrom.

>From this information how i can get information for using in .namd
configuration file?

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