Re: Segmentation fault for the tutorial

From: Mahmood Naderan (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2018 - 14:24:31 CST

Hello again
I managed to solve that problem. It seems that Make.charm has the
following hard coded path

    CHARMBASE = /Projects/namd2/charm-6.8.2

So, I changed that to

    CHARMBASE = /home/mahmood/namd-2.12/namd/charm-6.7.1

then I ran make and everything went good. As I ran the following
command from the tutorial

    namd2 ubq_ws_eq.conf > ubq_ws_eq.log

I noticed that the gpu utilization was low and only one cpu core was
busy. That means the binary that I have doesn't use GPU while in the
log file namd says one Quadro M2000 is found.

    Charm++> cpu topology info is gathered in 0.000 seconds.
    Info: Built with CUDA version 9000
    Did not find +devices i,j,k,... argument, using all
    Pe 0 physical rank 0 binding to CUDA device 0 on orca: 'Quadro
M2000' Mem: 4035MB Rev: 5.2 PCI: 0:23:0
    Info: NAMD 2.12 for Linux-x86_64-multicore-CUDA
    WallClock: 173.139786 CPUTime: 172.964005 Memory: 428.757812 MB

Please see the full log at
As you can see it finally reports the cpu time. Did I miss something
for the gpu configuration?


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