1-D ABF and Compressibility

From: McGuire, Kelly (mcg05004_at_byui.edu)
Date: Mon Jul 30 2018 - 14:44:53 CDT

We have a question about the distanceZ colvar and 1-D ABF. I was reading the The Adaptive Biasing Force Method: Everything You Always Wanted To Know but Were Afraid To Ask paper and the colvars guide, but couldn't answer this question:

If we have a 1-D reaction coordinate set up using distanceZ for our ABF, are forces from the x and y directions in a channel included in the PMF? For example, if there is a region of sidechains that would create a barrier to drug entry, which would be a compressible region in the channel, would the forces coming from the x and y directions be projected or calculated in this 1-D PMF, thus contributing to the barriers energy height, or is the barrier height being underestimated by the ABF because those compressible forces (i.e. channel/sidechains squeezing the drug) aren't being considered in that barrier's energy calculation?

Would we need to include a distanceXY colvar and go to 2-D to get a more accurate barrier energy calculation to include compression (or stretching) of the channel as the samples in those types of regions?

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