NAMD SMP version warning - Reg

From: Mani Kandan (
Date: Wed Jul 04 2018 - 04:57:40 CDT

Dear all,

             I am using NAMD 2.12 SMP (infiniband version), while running
in my cluster it shows the following warning

Charm++> Running on 1 unique compute nodes (32-way SMP).
Charm++> cpu topology info is gathered in 0.069 seconds.

Charm++> Warning: the number of SMP threads (136) is greater than the
number of physical cores (32), so threads will sleep while idling. Use
+CmiSpinOnIdle or +CmiSleepOnIdle to control this directly.

                  How can i rectify this problem? and performance also very
slow. I am using following command to run namd: charmrun ++mpiexec +p128
++ppn 16 ++nodelist $LOADL_HOSTFILE namd2 <file>
I am having 16 cores per processor.

Kindly help me in these regard.

Manikandan D

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