missing binary operator before token "("

From: Fırat Yılmaz (firat.yilmaz_at_eduline.com.tr)
Date: Thu Jun 15 2017 - 02:30:12 CDT

Hi Everyone,

Using NAMD_2.11_Source.tar.gz

Cluster System : Brightcluster with infiniband and GPU enabled.

Compiler : intel-mkl-2017 intel-mpi-2017 intel-compiler-common-2017

      arch :x86_64

      version : 2017.1-18_cm7.3

      from Repo: cm-rhel6-7.3-updates

Infiniband :Mellanox Technologies MT27500 Family [ConnectX-3]

GPU : 2 X Tesla M60 cuda 80 toolkit & 375.20 nvidia-driver

Bare Metal :PowerEdge R730

I am told to build namd on a cluster system (Bright Cluster) with GPU
and Infiniband support on multiple nodes and followed the nvidia's


I am able to build charmrun but getting the following error on namd build:

error: missing binary operator before token "("*
In file included from
                  from <command-line>:0:
error: #error "This Intel <math.h> is for use with only the Intel
In file included from
                  from src/ComputePmeCUDAKernel.cu:8:
error: missing binary operator before token "("*
make: *** [obj/ComputePmeCUDAKernel.o] Error 1

When i search from 2nd error it says that it may be related to the
compiler conflict so i checked the loaded parallel compilers and be sure
that only intel parallel compiler is loaded.

I see that there is bunch of mails for this particular error but i
couldn't find a solution for my problem.

Can you suggest anything about it?

Best Regards

Fırat Yılmaz
Systems Engineer

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