NAMD performance monitor

From: Nikhil Maroli (
Date: Tue Jan 17 2017 - 06:42:41 CST

Dear all,

We are having a workstation with 3 x GTX 1070, 2 x 12 core processor and i
have used the following command to execute the job

./namd2 +p46 +setcpuaffinity +devices 0,2,3 new.inp > log.log &

I was wondering is there any way to understand the performance details such
as ns/day or the best combination of cpu-gpu. When i was working with
Gromacs, at the end of the log file i could get the performance details
based on that we can try different combinations of cpu-gpu to get better

It will be helpfull if some one can suggest me how to find the best
combination for better performance or the command to use for running job
other than above mentioned.

Nikhil Maroli

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