Problem in running wham

From: Rabeta Yeasmin (
Date: Fri Aug 04 2017 - 10:41:06 CDT

Dear NAMD Users,

I know that it is not the right place to ask for problems regarding wham.
But I do not know where should I ask for this. That's why I am posting my
problem here. If anyone is familiar with this kind of problem, please give
me suggestion or please let me know where should I ask for this kind of
problem. Actually I am trying to run wham. It is showing the error-

ryeasmin42_at_ch208t:~/mc-z$ ./
# /home/CAE/ryeasmin42/bin/wham -48.0 48.0 49 0.1 313.15 0 metafile.dat
#Number of windows = 49
failure reading com_dist/32--48-t1.dat: missing position value

Although I have 32--48-t1.dat file ready in com_dist folder. I can not
understand why this is showing this kind of error.


Rabeta Yeasmin

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