RE: Npt lipid simulation with electrostatics 2

From: Radak, Brian K (
Date: Fri Feb 17 2017 - 09:26:20 CST

Is the volume well equilibrated? Sometimes the cell size errors go away once the volume is more stable and not changing so much.

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Subject: namd-l: Npt lipid simulation with electrostatics 2

Hi All

I am facing a problem with Npt for the lipid system while giving 2 as full elect frequency in namd. It is returning an error of periodic cell becoming too short, I tried with 1 and the job is running fine. I have tried solutions given in the namd forum but still unable to run the job with 2. I tried changing margin tried also running the job with small time step but nothing is working. Althought with NVT simulation lipid system is running with 2 value but as I switch back again to NPT somehow electrostatics with 2 is not working. Can this problem be solved ?

Thanks in advance

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