MD simulation of Linear Molecules (like 2-butyne£©

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Date: Fri Dec 18 2015 - 20:26:26 CST


I'm having trouble with the MD simulation of a molecule with linear part (structure of it:, and I'm not sure in what way should I treat the linear angles and the related dihedral angles in MD after I finished the parameterization of the molecule.

These are what I tried:
Since it seems that CHARMM force field uses redundant internal coordinate similar to Gaussain 09, I am trying to edit the psf file part involving the linear angles as in Gaussian ( C. Peng, P. Y. Ayala, H. B. Schlegel, and M. J. Frisch, ”°Using redundant internal coordinates to optimize equilibrium geometries and transition states,”± J. Comp. Chem., 17 (1996) 49-56. ).

I deleted the dihedrals involving the linear bends and added the long range dihedrals (D 7,6,10,11; D 7,6,10,15; D 5,6,10,11; D 5,6,10,15) like in Gaussian. I'm not sure if it's ok to manually edit the psf file, but what else can I do to define the long range dihedral angles in NAMD? Or there just should not exist such long range dihedral angles in MD simulation?

As to the linear angles (L 6,8,9; L 8,9,10), Gaussian needs 2 orthogonal linear angle bends to define 1 linear angle, in this case L (6,8,9,5,-1) L(6,8,9,5-2) L (8,9,10,15,-1) L(8,9,10,15,-2). Is there anything I can do to define the linear angles in NAMD instead of just treating it as an angle with equilibrium value equal to 180 degree?


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