eBiothon platform

From: eBiothon Admin Team (ebiothon_at_sysfera.com)
Date: Mon Aug 03 2015 - 10:07:36 CDT

Hi everybody,

I'm sending you this message to inform you of (or to remind you of) the
eBiothon platform.
It comes from a joint collaboration between CNRS, IBM, IDRIS, INRIA and
SysFera to provide computing resources (a Blue Gene/P with a 28
Teraflops peak power) to the bioinformatics community for the execution
of scientific applications.

It is currently hosting the following applications:

- PhyML, a phylogenics analysis tool, based on maximum likelihood,
developed by the LIMMR.
- NAMD, a high-performance simulation tool of large bio-molecular
systems, developed by the University of Illinois.
- LAMMPS, a massively parallel simulation tool for the movement of
molecules, developed by the Sandia National Laboratories.

Other applications might be added in the future, depending on the users'
The platform is using a multilingual web portal to allows to easily
submit in a few clicks new jobs that can last up to a hundred hours over
a few thousand cores.

The use of the platform is free (provided you accept the terms of usage
of the computing resources of CNRS), but we would be grateful if you
were to mention us in your future publications.

So don't hesitate and log on https://e-biothon.fr
If you have any questions ou would like more information, you can always
contact us using the following email address: ebiothon at services.cnrs.fr

The eBiothon Support Team

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