BUG: NAMD-2.10 CUDA REMD segfault with TCL exec randomly

From: Norman Geist (norman.geist_at_uni-greifswald.de)
Date: Wed Mar 04 2015 - 01:47:42 CST



I want to report that there's a weird problem with segmentation faults
occurring after a random time (number of steps) on "exec" from a NAMD
jobscript, but so far only observed for CUDA+REMD runs. The same system runs
fine with the CPU version. I already ran into two cases where calling "exec"
caused a segfault after some time. The first one was a call to "date" to
measure the time per run for REMD. Another was calling VMD to do some
measurements during a REMD.


If there's interest to solve this, I can supply the problematic code and


Norman Geist

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