Re: parameter and topology files for martini polarizable water

From: Fotis Baltoumas (
Date: Thu Jul 10 2014 - 04:17:31 CDT

Hello Klas,

You can find the MARTINI topology and parameter files for protein, lipids,
ions, water etc in the RBCG tutorial files:
All MARTINI Material is located in the '04-cgc-top-par-files' folder. They
are all in CHARMM format.
Someone (i.e. the web admins) should, at some point, make a more official
page in the site for these parameters.

Fotis Baltoumas

> Hi NAMD users,
> Considering the time that have passed since the Martini polarizable
> water first was published, which is about 4 years [1], I'm a little
> bit surprised to find essentially nothing about where to find
> parameter or topology files for use in NAMD/VMD when searching the web
> and scrolling through the NAMD and VMD mailing lists.
> My question is if anyone can point to where I could find
> topology/parameter files for the martini polarizable water (in charmm
> format), if they are publicly available.
> I know it is not many lines to write my own topology and parameter
> files, but I think, for future reference, there should be at least one
> post in the mailing list telling either where to find the files if
> they are publicly available or it's so simple that anyone interested
> should write the files themselves.
> [1] S.O. Yesylevskyy et al. "Polarizable water model for the
> coarse-grained Martini force field." PLoS Comp. Biol, 2010
> Thanks!
> --
> Klas Karis

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