Log file is not being updated

From: BATUHAN KAV (bkav13_at_ku.edu.tr)
Date: Mon Feb 10 2014 - 05:41:07 CST

Dear All,

We're running NAMD 2.8. The problem is that, after a while in simulations,
log files are not being updated.

I'm running three simulations now. log files of the first two are regularly
updated as the simulations progress; I can see at which timestep I am. On
the other hand, for the third simulation, log file is not being updated for
a week. Therefore, I cannot see the timesteps etc. However, all other files
like .dcd, .coor and .vel files are updated, so it seems like the
simulation is on progress.

What might be the reason for that?

Thank you and cheers,

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