wrapping in two dimensions

From: Maria Bykhovskaia (mb.ucdelcaribe_at_gmail.com)
Date: Thu Oct 16 2014 - 15:33:34 CDT

Is it possible to wrap around a part of the system in one or two dimensions?
Here is the problem:
I model a protein on the top of the lipid bilayer. I have periodic
conditions with flexible cell. The membrane stays in place, the protein
moves around. At some frames it moves laterally, and part of the protein
shifts out of the cell. However, I can see that the protein actually should
interact with the mirror image of the membrane, since it is on the same
level with the membrane at Z ax (the membrane is on XY plane). I want to
visualize the interaction of the protein with the membrane continuation
(mirror image).
I have aligned and recentered the system around the protein. When I wrap
around the whole thing, the membrane image is on the top of the protein,
and that does not help.
Is there any way I can wrap the membrane laterally, over XY (or just over
X) without changing its Z position?
Will greatly appreciate any ideas.

Maria Bykhovskaia
Professor and Chair, Neuroscience Department
Director, Specialized Neuroscience Research Program
Universidad Central del Caribe
Bayamon, Puerto Rico

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