VRPN cannot connect to Falcon

From: George Patargias (gpat_at_bioacademy.gr)
Date: Wed Oct 15 2014 - 04:58:11 CDT

Hello Axel,

Thanks for your reply on the VRPN compilation. Indeed the boost libraries
were not installed properly.

I tried to connect the Falcon into one of my desktop's usb ports and when
I tried to run

vrpn_server -f vrpn-novint.cfg

I get the error:

NovintFalcon #0 failed, trying to reset (Try power cycle if more than 4
attempts made)
Resetting the NovintFalcon #0 (attempt 1000)

on an endless loop.

Does this mean that a powered USB hub is needed (as you mentioned) or is
it something else?

Thanks again.


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