Re: Unable to read corrupted binary DCD trajectory file

From: Ajasja Ljubetič (
Date: Mon Sep 08 2014 - 12:26:27 CDT

> - Windows is not an operating system for serious computational science.
> For starters, a lot of important softwares in the field are not natively
> supported, and one needs to install compatibility layers like Cygwin to
> access them as well as to tap the powers of the UNIX shell, which are
> almost indispensable in this line of work.

I partially disagree. (I have been using namd on windows for ~5 years with
major problems).
A unix shell is easily installable using git for windows
<> (and Console2
<> gives you a super terminal).
This takes about 5 min to set up.
The real problem is compiling stuff on windows... :)

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