parameter and topology files for martini polarizable water

From: Klas Karis (
Date: Wed Jul 09 2014 - 18:30:23 CDT

Hi NAMD users,

Considering the time that have passed since the Martini polarizable
water first was published, which is about 4 years [1], I'm a little
bit surprised to find essentially nothing about where to find
parameter or topology files for use in NAMD/VMD when searching the web
and scrolling through the NAMD and VMD mailing lists.

My question is if anyone can point to where I could find
topology/parameter files for the martini polarizable water (in charmm
format), if they are publicly available.

I know it is not many lines to write my own topology and parameter
files, but I think, for future reference, there should be at least one
post in the mailing list telling either where to find the files if
they are publicly available or it's so simple that anyone interested
should write the files themselves.

[1] S.O. Yesylevskyy et al. "Polarizable water model for the
coarse-grained Martini force field." PLoS Comp. Biol, 2010


Klas Karis

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