psf file does not contain cross-terms

From: zeynab mohamad hoseyni (
Date: Sun Feb 16 2014 - 12:00:30 CST

Dear All, I followed NAMD membrane tutorial to align my protein with the membrane and producing two temporary files for  each of membrane and protein. Then I tried to combine the produced temporary files into one set of psf and pdb files using the following commands as it is written in the tutorial: % mol delete all % package require psfgen 1.6 % resetpsf psfgen) clearing structure, preserving topology and aliases % readpsf membrane.psf psfgen) reading structure from psf file membrane.psf psfgen) psf file does not contain cross-terms I don't understand what is the meaning of the message "psf file does not contain cross-terms". I used CHARMM36 to produce the lipid bilayer and I expect it contains the cross terms as well. Could any body help to understand what is wrong? Thanks, Zeynab

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