About Usage of Topolgy and Parameter

From: Vidhya Sankar (vidhyasankar7928_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Oct 13 2013 - 06:59:39 CDT

Dear Namd User Thank you for your Previous Replies  I have Constructed  My Lipid/Cyclic Peptide System Using CharmmAll atom _36 toplology  files My question Is can I Use the Charmm27 parmeters for that During Simulation ,  I need to Change Only Atom Type OSLP to OSL Which is equivalent to Phosphate Oxygen in Lipid  ( I think So) When I  change the Atom Type The Simulation Is Running Successfully If I use Charmm 36 Parameters It shows the Lack OF Angle and Dihedral Parameters. Thanks In Advance

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