Re: tcl-related segfault in NAMD

From: FX (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2013 - 10:37:37 CST

Hi Jrme,

> The backtrace hints at a possible problem with charm++ (in CsdScheduler / CsdScheduleForever). You didn't specify which version of charm++ you use, you might want to try a recent development version and if this segfault persists, report it to charm++ developers.

Thanks for your suggestion. Armed with that hint, I made various other tries to build charm++, but they all end up with the same error. For the record, here's how I compiled charm++:

$ ./build charm++ multicore-darwin-x86_64

(the net-darwin-x86_64 behaves exactly the same) and NAMD:

$ ./config MacOSX-x86_64-g++ --charm-base $PWD/charm-6.4.0 --charm-arch multicore-darwin-x86_64 --fftw-prefix $PWD/fftw

I have managed to build a linux version on my first try, using the same simple parameters, so there is hope: I'll continue to bash my head against the keyboard for some time. I'll let the list know if I find any hint on how to fix the issue.


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