Re: RE: NAMD 2.9 Windows CUDA build?

From: Ajasja Ljubetič (
Date: Thu Nov 08 2012 - 03:47:01 CST


I'd be very interested. I would also appreciate a short list of pitfalls to
avoid. Such as: did you compile using cygwin or Visual studio or MinGW

Thank you very much & best regards,

PS: There are some situations where a windows build of NAMD is very useful
(for example running simulations on lab computers in the afternoon etc...)
Personally I'm glad that NAMD is cross platform and I don't think that this
windows bashing is always justified.

On 8 November 2012 09:51, Frederik Heurlin Aidt <> wrote:

> Thanks for the input. Believe me, I would much rather use a nice linux
> system any day, but the problem is that some NGS calculations are also made
> on this particular system and the IT guys refuse to install the linux
> version of the software that does this! For now I'm stuck with W7. I've
> compiled a Win32 multicore build with CUDA support that seems to work
> nicely (charm++ 6.4, CUDA 5.0, NAMD 2.9 (2012-11-08) nightly build on our
> C2075 Tesla system). If anyone are interested I'll be happy to pass on the
> build, just drop me an email.
> Frederik

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