Re: GTX-660 Ti benchmark

From: Guanglei Cui (
Date: Fri Sep 14 2012 - 08:50:41 CDT


I'm curious what kind of performance I should expect from a M2090 card
(Intel Xeon X5670, CentOS 5.8). With 1 CPU and 1GPU, I get 0.11 s/step
on Apoa1 (2000 steps, timestep 1) using the namd2.9 multicore CUDA
binary from the NAMD website. I suspect this is a reasonable speed. I
wonder if someone would kindly point out what a reasonable expectation
is for this type of setup, and how to achieve that. Thanks very much.


On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 11:10 PM, Wenyu Zhong <> wrote:
> Sorry, a correction.
> The power consumption with i5_at_3.7G+660ti running apoa1 is about 200w, and
> with i5_at_3.7G+2*460 is about 260w.
> Wenyu

Guanglei Cui

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