GTX-660 Ti benchmark

From: Thomas Albers (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2012 - 14:50:43 CDT


Since someone was asking a few days back regarding performance of Kepler
GPUs, here are some benchmarking results. This is with the
Linux-x86_64-multicore and Linux-x86_64-multicore-CUDA builds of NAMD
2.9 as downloaded from the NAMD website, on a system with i5-3570 CPU
and Intel H77 chipset and a GTX-660 TI graphics card. Power consumption
with GPU acceleration is about 200 W.

The last three are from the Daresbury benchmark suite, download here:

Timing results in s/step.

                       NAMD NAMD-CUDA
ApoA1 (90K atoms) 0.187 0.038
F1ATPase (330K atoms) 0.537 0.136
STMV (1M atoms) 2.351 0.472
GlnBP (61K atoms) 0.140 0.030
EGFR-flat (465K atoms) 1.136 0.267
EGFR-tall (1.4 M atoms) 3.421 0.755


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