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From: Cruz-Chu Eduardo Roberto (
Date: Fri Aug 31 2012 - 11:45:42 CDT

this has been done before with NAMD. I think they just inverted the voltage every X nanoseconds. Look at:

Detection of DNA Sequences Using an Alternating Electric Field in a Nanopore Capacitor
Nano Lett., 2008, 8 (1), pp 5663
DOI: 10.1021/nl071890k

On Aug 31, 2012, at 6:26 PM, Quick, Ross wrote:

NAMD users,

I am wanting to run an MD simulation with an oscillating external electric field. I know there is an option for applying constant external electric fields, but has anyone tried to implement an oscillating field? I have seen that it has been done in GROMACS (Structural destabilization of chignolin under the influence of oscillating electric fields. Loukas G. Astrakas, Christos Gousias, and Margaret Tzaphlidou, J. Appl. Phys. 111, 074702 (2012), DOI:10.1063/1.3699389); can this be done also in NAMD?

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

Ross Quick

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