Re: PME and net charge in the system

From: Chris Harrison (
Date: Thu Oct 27 2011 - 12:12:46 CDT


A charge nullifying correction is applied to periodic PME simulations,
conceptually like an inverse charge nullifying field.

It is however better to balance the charge in your system with solvated
ions, as the nullification correction is only an approximation.
Simulating a neutral system is always better.

No responsible scientist prefers charges perpetuated through the infinite
axises of the periodic box. Even if a nullifying correction usually
fixes it. ;)


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> Dear all,
> How NAMD manages a net charge in the system? i.e. A very big system
> with many charged elements where positive and negative charges are
> unbalanced, let's say total charge +3 or -4. My idea was that PME do
> not converge, But it seems that NAMD does not complain. May you tell
> me if some different approximations are used to handle these events?
> Regards
> Salvatore
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