Re: Advice on buying GPUs

From: Ajasja Ljubetič (
Date: Thu Jun 02 2011 - 03:13:10 CDT

> you are better off buying new nodes for the GPUs.
> you will also be better off using two GTX 580s, since the GTX 590
> is just two cards similar to the 580 "glued" into one card. those have
> to use the same PCI-e slot and thus share the bandwidth, which is
> a major factor in GPU performance.
> high-end GPUs are _extremely_ power hungry and can get very hot.
> you have to have the proper cases and cooling for that as well as
> suitable power supplies. your best choice are either high end gaming
> equipment (but beware that this is not always laid out to be durable
> and to be used 24/7) or "professional" equipment, but that comes at
> a (currently fairly steep) price hike. the advantage of the "professional"
> gear is remote management, better quality control and better failure
> detection/protection (e.g. through ecc memory).

Thank you for the suggestion. So let me perhaps rephrase my previous
questions in a more suitable form.
If you had 20k € to spend what would you buy:
Nodes made of Core i7-970 with two GPUs or the 4 way AMD 32 or 48 core
monsters? Or perhaps the two way 8 or 12 core Xeons?

For large MD systems NAMD scales very well, but for other applications or
smaller MD systems it it perhaps advantageous to have higher clock speeds
instead of more cores.

I'm interested in the general opinion, I will of course check the
price/performance ratios and the SPEC benchmarks as well.

Best regards,
Ajasja Ljubetič,

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